Crystal King focuses on providing many kinds of Sockets, Fixtures, Tools and Testing equipments for

IC Maker, 
including IC Designer, Semiconductor Manufacturer, Packing & Test factory and IC End Users,
such as PC Manufacturer, 
Communication Devices (3C) Maker, DRAM / Audio / Video...etc.

     Established in Taiwan from 1998, Crystal King not only provide many internationally famous brand
equipments, but also especially with "One-Stop Solution" by ODM Design.  Our service area including
hundreds of countries worldwide.

     In the future of handler automatic production, our vision is to maintain the balance for good quality,
reasonable price and the satisfaction of customer service to meet the requirements in IC industry.

     We hope to become the best partner / provider with your quality control process, in order to maintain
a long-term business relationship.

  • Global Marketing Strategy
           —  "One-Stop solution" – Quick, Correct, Optimized
           —  ODM / OEM Design service
           —  Quick Delivery Logistic service (QDL) - Deliver in 24Hrs+Shipping Day(Overseas)
           —  Training courses – Provide technical support Before/After

  • Customer Base
           —  IC Designer, IC Wafer Maker, IC Packing & Test
           —  IC Users (DRAM, PC, MEDIA and 3C Vendor)
           —  Others:Government and Academic R&D project department